CURRENT CAMPAIGN: In light of the recent attacks on the Arab and Muslim American communities, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) urges you to call and thank those who have stood up for tolerance and understanding, and against bigotry. Click here for more information. ACT NOW.

“…I told her about how I was trying to get my dad to vote, and she told me how she was trying to get her ‘little brother to write a letter to a senator.’ And she was like ‘I don’t know if you know him, but he runs You know how vocal my brother is at market places, standing on tables and shouting, but he felt uncomfortable calling a senator!’

The point she was making was how we [the Muslim community] aren’t necessarily familiar with the political system here [in America] and so we feel inhibited from approaching political figures.

Many of us have felt hesitant to call our local leaders. Many of us feel uncomfortable calling a journalists who write articles that we agree or disagree with. It is time to put that fear aside. It has always been an essential part of our faith to not only speak out against injustice but to do what we can to fix injustice. Patriotism is not prohibited in our faith, but supporting your country with no consideration of what is right or wrong is not true patriotism. A good citizen loves her country and those who reside in it. One way in which to do that is by speaking out when injustices occur and doing whatever we can to fix those injustices. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to speak with the people who are elected to represent us and the media that informs us. Here you will regularly find call-in and write-in campaigns that you can take part in along with other ways that you can take action. Sometimes, all it takes is a phone call.

Past campaigns:

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