3 Beautiful Things, the “We’re in Your Corner” Edition

1. SORRY. Recently, I learned a humbling — and very important — lesson from a friend: to apologize for things said or acts committed in anger, Read on »

Three Beautiful Things: The “I Don’t Need a Passport to Walk on this Earth” Edition

I have always wanted a vespa the color of tangerines

A vespa the color of tangerines; Madrid, Spain. (YazNotJaz)


1. VESPAS. The past week (or two) has seen a flurry of friends sharing with me photographs of the motor-scooters I love best, and it makes me smile every time. From Baji on her Barcelona travels, to M on the streets of DC, to Hashim traversing the internets and the Midwest, to Umar in the UK, the “Vespa” label in my Gmail account (yes, I have an entire label for vespa references!) has recently seen an unprecedented rise.
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