On My Mother & Her Porsche

For my 25th birthday, my parents took me out for seafood, and on the way back to their house, I turned to my mother…

“Mom, you know, the whole reason I’m here, where I am, is you. There is something you consistently drilled into me that has helped me to this day.”

Mom looks self-conscious, but smiling

“Okay beta..”

“I used to subscribe to Nickelodeon magazine when I was 10, and there was some sort of problem with the billing. I asked you to call them for me, but you were adamant that I spoke with them. ‘Javed, don’t EVER be afraid to ask,’ you would repeat, as I stood there crying. You eventually gave up and spoke to them for me, but looked at me and repeated again.

‘Beta, how do you expect to live if you can’t talk to people in the real world?’ And so, I’ve kept that with me. And while it’s still hard to ask, I won’t keep myself from doing so. It’s how I’ve received discounts, free gifts, and even ordered shirts. It’s how this web site started.

As we were pulling up into the driveway, I ended my monologue with, “When I’m rich and famous, I’ll get you…”

“A porsche?”

Momma zing’ed me.