Three Beautiful Things: My Wife Laughs In Her Sleep Edition

1. My wife regularly laughs in her sleep. About an hour after we go to bed, in the off-chance that I'm still awake, I hear MrsHM let out a joyous burst of laughter. I'll ask her why she's laughing even though she's in a deep slumber and usually I'll get an unintelligible answer-- something like, "The movie and penguins." After some further prodding her mostly-sleeping self will give up trying to explain, "I don't know, it's just something in my head..."

Hearing your partner laugh whilst sleeping has got to be one of the best feelings in the world. I figure that if shes delighted in a subconscious state, she must be enjoying her life in a conscious one. It's a beautiful thing to know that your partner is content-- not to mention a relief!This morning, after another night of laughter, she told me she was dreaming of being pregnant. Foreshadowing? :)

2. When your partner zings you.

Me: "What are you thinking about?"

MrsHM: "That I wish you would move faster so we can watch the movie before I fall asleep."

Me: "I thought you were thinking about how much you loved me.

MrsHM: "I already finished thinking about that, because you're moving so slow."ZING!

3. Old ladies and doughnuts.  In a moment of weakness, I ended up at the locally-owned doughnut shop ready to savor a toasted coconut ring of heaven. As I parked my car, I noticed a frail-looking older woman in the passenger seat of a pickup truck. Upon entering the doughnut shop, I found her retirement-age female companion picking out one of each type of doughnut. By the end of her purchase, she had a full two-dozen doughnuts. While opening her pocketbook to pay the cashier, she smiled gratefully, "Thank you so much, there's a lovely 90 year old woman outside waiting for these."

For some reason, this made me so happy. My friend Laura said it perfectly: "There are so many things about a 90 year old eating 2 dozen doughnuts that make me smile, I'm not sure where to start. Mischievous old ladies doing the things they couldn't do when they were kids (because of rules and parents) or when they were adults (because of dress sizes and social expectations) is just, beautiful."

Maybe I should put a hold on my doughnut eating so I can live to enjoy doughnut eating at 90.