While specializing in helping small businesses grow and maintain a social media presence, I also provide product photography, set up & maintain mailing lists, create print marketing materials, and prepare clients for media spots.

Wedding & Family Photography

I've photographed weddings from North America to Southeast Asia, but now I focus on small gatherings, families, and products. I've also done a fair bit of travel photography, and you can buy digital copies of my prints over at etsy! (Coming soon)

Travel Photography

Egypt, Mauritius, Syria, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Argentina, Uruguay and across North America. Interested in buying digital copies for personal use? Head over to my Etsy shop (coming soon)

Customer Service & Tech Support

Do you need a positive, enthusiastic, and engaging customer service representative for your business? Someone to call when some gadget doesn't work? Help with a line of HTML?

Side Gigs

Gig Work. Do you need a quick and affordable Wordpress website? House and/or Pet Sitting? Personal Assistant services? An explanation on how to sign up for a brokerage and invest in the stock market? I am always open to opportunities, possibilities, & connections.

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