Three Beautiful Things Thursday: Lemonade Stands

1. Millard J. Tidings Memorial Bridge. Oh Millard, thank you! Every time I’m traveling south bound on Interstate 95 from Philadelphia, I simply cannot wait for this bridge. This is the bridge you never see coming. After a sudden curve to the left, “bam!” You find yourself in a wide open space, on a “high-level six lane bridge over the Susquehanna River between Havre De Grace and Perryville in northeast Maryland.” It will simply take your breath away, and if it’s windy? It’ll take your car too.

2. Little girl screaming “LEMONADE!” repeatedly from the top of a hill near where I work. The girl would not quit. While her ear piercing cries made me want to find the nearest sound-proof booth, I thought, “How cute! She’s going to be an entrepreneur!” Now I know how the rest of you feel when I’m screaming out slogans at Muslim conventions.

3. The vast amounts of energy and inspiration I have from day to day. I don’t know where it comes from. I don’t know how it got there, all I know that it is like a fountain that doesn’t seem to run dry. If I was to guess where it comes from? I’d say an appreciation of the little things. The beauty of catching a moth with my niece. My other niece falling asleep on my chest… best feelings in the world.