Do you need a positive, enthusiastic, and engaging customer service representative for your business? Someone to call when some gadget doesn't work? Help with a line of HTML?
Jun 10, 2020

Customer Service & Tech Support

Besides having a positive and engaging phone presence, I have expertise in the configuration and troubleshooting of end-user issues on both Desktop and Mobile operating systems and associated software. I am familiar with and proficient in the use of a variety of Content Management systems as well as (CSS/HTML). I also have a working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, Lightroom, and various database software. Even if I don’t know how to fix the issue off the top of my head, I’ll figure it out relatively fast. After 25 years playing around with technology, I've honed my ability to search for answers. In another life, I worked as a Technical Support Specialist at Advance Choice, Docubank, supporting a membership of over 100,000 members. Currently I provide telephone customer support (using Grasshopper) & database maintenance for a Storage Facility in Southwest Virginia.

"I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Javed since December 2018. He works efficiently, taking phone calls for my self-storage business and maintaining our database with updated customer records.  By all accounts he is engaging, thorough, and has a way of making quick connections with our customers — something that gives us a personal touch that many of our competitors lack.  Javed is a huge asset to my business, I can't thank him enough for what he does for us on a daily basis."
- Wade Garrott
(Customer Service & Tech Support Client)

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