I've photographed weddings from North America to Southeast Asia, but now I focus on small gatherings, families, and products. I've also done a fair bit of travel photography, and you can buy digital copies of my prints over at etsy! (Coming soon)
Jul 24, 2020


What I love even more than photography itself is creating intimate bonds with people. Imagine my surprise when I realized that part of taking great photographs, beyond composition and technical skills, is making human connections. While many photographers just attend the main events, my preference is to document the whole celebration, including informal functions. I am a storyteller, and my style is more like a photojournalist.

"On my wedding day Javed was more like superman than Hijabman! He took amazing pictures, absolutely, but he simultaneously captured the hearts and minds of my fierce Punjabi Pakistani clan (young and old alike). Somehow through the madness of  my counter-culture nuptial, Javed assumed the role of photographer, brother, driver, fashion consultant, mediator, grief counselor etc. etc. all while tirelessly capturing each and every memorable part of our wedding. He never missed a beat either – continuing to work until after everyone left. Consider all that when you’re thinking about who will best memorialize your special day. I thought I would feel awkward with the insistent clicking of the camera shutter in my ear, but Javed was a joy to have around. His easy going attitude helped us all to relax and look our best in the remarkable pictures he produced. Thank you ! Your gift extends well beyond photography! Come back soon so my parents can feed your saag and roti!” -Arooj Ahmad
“Javed is a great photographer for so many reasons – he was incredible for our wedding and I would recommend him for anybody’s festivities. He is VERY timely. Brides are stressed out no matter what, and he always contacted me first. Needless to say, he wasn’t one of my people that I had to constantly track down. He’s a great communicator – anytime any member of my family or I had a suggestion, he would never turn us away. We never felt like we weren’t in control of the pictures. He of course was a professional and made the right choices when necessary.
Every. Picture. Is. Incredible.
The very best part about Javed is that he gets to know your family. The greatest pictures were taken at our home, when my family  was congregated before and after the official festivities. He captured the happiness and excitement throughout those casual pictures.”  – Yasmeen Zaid & Mir Khan (Oklahoma)

“We had two photographers.  I definitely regretted having the other guy since I much prefer all the pictures taken by Javed. They are the most vivid and manage to capture the moment just at the right time, especially those candid shots. Your skill to connect with the people, especially my partner (who rarely smiles for photographs) and bring out the smiles in him, that’s just amazing. Thanks so much, Javed!”
Maya Husin (Penang, Malaysia)
“Javed was phenomenal.  My family loved him! He recently photographed my wedding and, by universal consensus, the pictures came out BEAUTIFULLY. He has a very artistic eye, and all the pictures had great lighting, great angles and happy people!  He stayed with us throughout all the events and even the family events that people don’t usually have photographers for. Most photographers will only stay for the hours you book them and charge you tons extra if they have to stay longer – not Javed. He’s also one of the nicest human beings around. It was so clear to us that he just wanted to capture all of the special moments. I really can’t recommend Javed enough – I will tell all my friends who get married to book him!”Sarah Izfar (Texas)
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